Thursday, November 21, 2013

A table for one...

When I was making my pros and cons list to take the leap to go travel or to stay in small town USA, I had to take in to consideration that I would be doing some activities by myself, including eating alone.  Honestly, I was less worried about being by myself and more concerned about driving through the mountains in the winter, so it wasn't something I spent a lot of time worrying about and as it turned out, I spent very few meals eating alone.  As I mentioned in my previous blog in my first travel assignment at PPMC, I met the best group of people a girl could ask for and it was an easy transition to the life of a travel nurse.  And as it turned out the first 13 weeks turned into a second 13 weeks and we all had a blast hanging out.  I never felt alone and always had someone to hang out with.  So when I was picking my current travel assignment, I wanted two things, warm weather and somewhere where I was going to meet a lot of people or already knew someone.  This past summer, I took a short vacation to Phoenix to visit my good friend Joe and made a new friend Liz (Joe's girlfriend) and I just knew that Phoenix would be the perfect place to winter.  It had all the components I was looking for, warm weather, friendly faces and since the snowbirds come in for the winter I knew there would be a large group of travelers as well.

Phoenix has exceeded my expectations. Not only have I met some great travel nurses to hang out with but I have been able to spend quality time with my two friends Joe and Liz. Joe was my college roommate and became a third brother, ironically, Joe has not only lived with me but he has lived with both of my brothers and I lived with his sister, we like to keep it in the family!! Liz has been great to me, she hooked me up with some free MAC makeup (and we all know how I feel about MAC) and educated me on uncovering the secrets to want guys really want.  I have appreciated all the time I have been given to hang with these two and I cherish the friendships that have formed because I am privileged enough to have a job that allows me these opportunities.

I am often asked if I ever get lonely or tired of moving all the time and I can honestly answer no to both questions.  I love meeting new people and reconnecting with old friends.  The moving can become mundane at times, but when you get somewhere have new places to explore it all of the sudden becomes worth the cross country drive to get there!!

Just a little side note, for those of you who read my blog yesterday and were wondering if Hood River and Mt Hood were really that great, let me tell you they are.... ;-)


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  1. Yay for all the new posts! When Frank travels for work, he eats alone, often at nice places, and he likes to people-watch. Happy you're enjoying Phoenix!